A Bit About Myself

Hi, I'm Dominik. I'm a Computer Science major at Dominican University in River Forest, IL. I enjoy many different aspects of programming. I enjoy everything from finding and coding the most effecient and/or creative solution to a problem to designing a project to be module and not cause us issues down the road.

Currently I work Datatelligent, which provides Data Analytics as a Service, as a Data Engineer Intern. My last position was as a App Development Intern for Dominican University, developing a new mobile experience for the school.

I have a lot of hobbies. Politics, football, Yugioh, and Pokemon just to name a few. One of the biggest projects I've worked on is a showcase for my love of pokemon. BAM or build-a-metagame is a project I've spent countless hours working with a group of friends to build a mod for a website called Pokemon Showdown that involved making fake pokemon in an attempt to start from scratch and make a balanced metagame.