About Us

BAM [Build A Metagame] is a Fakemon Project. The fakemon will battle only other fakemon, rather than real Pokemon, and there will not be art (unless a spriter appears). It will be implemented only on Pokemon Perfect's Pokemon Showdown Server once it is complete. (Well, if it is ever complete...) I have total control on the direction but I really want your opinions and ideas!

The idea is to design a metagame: we have complete control over the mechanics, the moves, the items, the abilities, and the Pokemon. We will not (at least, until we have made a first version) make pre-evolutions, Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon which are overpowered or unviable in the metagame. We will have around 60 Pokemon.

The goal is that it will have a pace something akin to ADV, and to control this we focussed heavily on move power, with few moves above 100 base power permitted. The only moves above 100 BP included are Double Edge, Flail, Focus Punch, Reversal, as well as new moves Vengeance and Meridian Blast. That does mean no Explosion-like moves. In addition, we do not have weather-related moves or abilities whatsoever: this is for two reasons. One is that they become very central to the game's design if you do bother including them, and the other is that because of how heavily they favour particular types and how much they power up moves, they can be very challenging to balance. There are also no moves which can confuse, freeze, raise evasion, OHKO, or lower accuracy. There are no moves that can send an opponent to sleep, but rest still exists. Since we have control of the moves, it makes more sense to not include evasion boosting and OHKO moves than to have them but clause them out of existence. Regarding the other options, a goal of the design is to make the metagame less "haxy". This does not mean removing the element of luck entirely - if you were to do that it would turn predictions into pure 50/50s in many cases for example - but to reduce the role of luck and to, more importantly, reduce the aggravatingness of it.

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